Covid-19: a love letter from your fear.

Simeone Scaramozzino
9 min readApr 10, 2020

a tragic-magical psychodrama

Part I of IV

Citizens of the Earth:

My name is Covid19; I am among the most powerful manifestations of the Collective Superconsciousness. I have presented myself to you on many occasions, in disguise over the centuries, and each time your species’ reptilian responses have created the perfect storm for my return. This time I demand your full attention, so I never have to come back again. This is your opportunity to transcend your limiting beliefs and expand your spiritual capacity: the universe was not created to accommodate your needs. You are at the whims of Mother Nature, not the other way around.

I am the embodiment of your chronic dissatisfaction woven in the temporariness of your contentment and the fear in the inherent separation from it. Hence, you funnel yourself into a downward spiral of stress, trying to control a chaotic game and, in so doing, creating a world which has become unsustainable for the individual, the community, and the ecosystem, collapsing under the weight of inequality, disunity, greed, smog, and electromagnetic bombardment.

I am a catalyst chimera of catharsis imprinting your consciousnesses to redirect your evolutionary experience as a species and lead you to transcend and redefine, sustainably, the stiff models sabotaging your experience on earth. This is your experience, and only you can transform it. You are part of the solution, not the problem. I will anthropomorphise and metaphorise to shed light on the intricate watermarked threats of the mercantilist model concealed in a matryoshka of Trojan horses created by obscure domination addicts. Observe, tame, and conquer them to make a quantum leap towards an advanced dimension. Far from the deep nights, a beam of light awaits to guide you towards an epochal paradigm shift.

I urge you to defeat me to regain a sense of happyful participation in determining the content of your life flow and to never return to your abnormal “normal.” Life is a series of acts of separations with that which no longer serves you; this is your biggest opportunity to part ways with the gripping dark forces enveloping your existences. Defeating me is an unpleasant transformational challenge demanding you to align your body, mind, and heart in a voluntary and creative effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile: moment-to-moment connecting with your consciousness to make your lives the optimal experience. This is no time for quick fixes. Consciously re-learn how to be happy, and order your life such that happiness will play a larger part in it. Reclaim your inner experiences, feelings, relationships, and healthy habits: the contentment in your transformational experience pattern, fuelled by your mental capacity & emotional energy to re-interpret everyday experiences, will unveil extraordinary versions of you. Finding the “we” within the “me” and the harmony between the “within” and the “without” will help you see how inspiring and effervescent you humans are and that you do not need anything but your inner mastery to reduce the off-balancing, dreading chaos you face.

Your essence, the conscious listener, is not afraid and does not identify with fear — your False Evidence Appearing Real. It is the resounding thought of fear occupying your heads that makes you afraid. Darkness is infiltrating your consciousness and wedging anxiety and malevolence against your species. While it appears that I present you with a merciless diagnosis, I am a light that creeps across the darkness of your fear. I humbly offer you the opportunity to pause and push the “reset” button and immerse yourself in an infinity bath, immunising you from inferiority complexes imposed by misleading narratives that are created by ego, vanity, and ambition. You will emancipate yourselves from the limitedness of such mind-projection by opening yourself to the cosmic and visionary abundant awareness of your soul and heart in the present moment.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.”

I am a pedagogue of Mother Earth, in disguise, and I present myself to you in tragic-magical guise to ask for humility and gratitude in placing Her and your exponential well-being at the center of your Grand Plans, self care particularly. Love yourselves and those around you; open up your intuitive powers again; find the purpose of your life; and say yes to your callings. Engage with the luminous nature of reality to isolate the real virus and choose life as an antibody; amplify your spirituality and your ability to feel; re-evaluate what you had before me without regretting it; and abandon your individual and collective “comfort zone,” redefining courage and audacity, to find original and inclusive solutions to divisive, repetitive, and complex problems. Avoid modeling solutions reactively, mechanically, or slavishly. Avoid leveraging left-brain-only programs and theories — dejavu, rigged, and self-sabotaging. Reimagine life to connect hearts, minds, and bodies, not only money and products. Everything is in your hands. Act without further ado, before habit takes over. There can be no going back.


My temporary regency will seal in your minds and hearts the image of a civilisation on their sunset boulevard, gangrened on the dogma of scarcity, chasing after what they already have. If you choose to rise above such dogmas, the dizzying tilt-a-whirl of asymptotes and logarithms will take you to the opposite side of scarcity, into abundance, fullness, and prosperity. My adrenaline spiral has started an unstoppable maturation process that will guide humanity towards a transformative climax: peaceful coexistence, coherence, bond, union, gratitude, generosity, authenticity, integrity, compassion, forgiveness, and love will animate the construction of new alliances between ecosystems, individuals, and generations. Nobody will be left behind anymore.

Act quickly on expanding abundance and growth mentality; learn how to prolong focus on weathering risky, complex, and fluid uncertainties. Create empathetically and consciously. Oil relationships to accelerate widespread dissemination of creative intelligence so that different worlds can collide creatively. Imagine yourselves as conscious curators of infinite spaces in a world where certain technologies support shared well-being and democracy.

Devote yourself to practices that amplify soul listening and access to wisdom: breathing, meditation, contemplation, and detoxification. Such practices create coherence in the body-heart-mind-spirit nexus, reduce your “sympathetic” responses, and generate resilience and authentic cosmic positivity. You will thus be able to live courageously, uninhibited, and free from obsessive-compulsive life planning in the cages of mass experimentation.

Simplify. Find new wisdom in the ”essence.” Think as life entrepreneurs and not bureaucrats. You are essence devoted to creation, no longer just mimetic repetition. Enough of this obsessive desire to rationalise everything for the sake of it. Too much head, too little heart. Let the naturally inspired and innate problem-solving ability of the human spirit find new vigor.

Stop posing as divine creatures; decide to become them again instead. You are the quantum technology that you must focus and invest on: find in the Innermost Experimentation of the Self all the wisdom that will guide you. You are energy fractals of the universe, feeding energy to the grid you call Earth. Align the “inside” and the “outside” in harmony. Focus on the Human Value of Presence, Intention, and Action.

“The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.”

The inner work makes you all co-creators in the exponential acceleration towards a fluid and polycentric world. Each of you is an inside agent ordaining your own fate. The future of your species will depend upon the expansion and emancipation of the individual, amplified within luminous communities and empathic aggregates for change and impact. Shape new interconnected systems based on values ​​and dignity by interweaving ancient and modern technologies and unifying intentions, perspectives, and sensitivities. Continuously and empathically share knowledge, skills, opportunities, hope, and optimism for the expansion of the participative and immersive economy. Set experience and participation as “the standard” for exponential expansion of your communities, in so doing, favouring the spontaneous neutralisation of selfishness and desire for domination. Return to considering yourselves cells of a single connective tissue, whose health depends on the purity of your shared vibrations. Only united human communities can annihilate one of the greatest manifestations of self-sabotage that your species is staging: the new wave of electromagnetism to connect inanimate objects that risks dismembering the cellular life of all animate beings.

There is an unresolved child-adult, self appointed monarch of your existence, who claimed your soul’s experiences as his by persistently dragging you in the low spectrum of dualism and asphyxiating your desire to use your genetic spaceships’ chakra-stargates to reconnect with the journey to the infinite realms your soul is meant for. Judgmental worshiper of the dark, he needs to be forgiven, generously, for obsessively dwarfing the aware-you by weaponising the rational mind to crash your vessels against the rocks of your delusions. I created this psychodrama, so that you can flush him out, outsmart him, and rid yourself from him, no longer playing by the rules of his rigged and dark game that hinges on mass perception to create immunological depressive responses, depriving organs and tissues of the lifeblood — thus fulfilling 50 percent of the mission that I, as a virus, could not independently complete.

Act One: Outside. With a coup-de-theatre I spread myself, fueling in you dramatic fear of death and toying with your extreme vulnerability, to flush out the head of an unsustainably heartless system, which you will finally “look straight in the eye,” deprecating it and wanting to get rid of it. Act Two: Inside. I convince you that to radically change the drifting external system, you have to find the “reset” button in your inner wisdom. Vertically descending into the wonderful meanders of being “You,” you understand the self-sabotaging game, and you free yourself from illusions. Third Act: Together. Find the others within. You decide to live your new human experience only with people of your own frequency — other agents and co-creators of the collective exponential transformation. By pushing the reset button, you will have embarked on your expansive, harmonious, and inclusive hyper-dimensional path: the alliance between ecosystems will be strengthened.

As the drama ends, I remain imprinted on the film of your lives as that controversial character, the villain, whom you will miss when they leave the scene because — with all his shortcomings, improprieties, total lack of ethics, and respect for the human species — he had motivated you to dress up in sunbeams, reminding you that only you can sabotage your experience by settling for being anything less than pure infinite consciousness looking at itself.

“There are no stars too far, the stairs to reach them are just too short.”

Remember that I am here for you. Take a moment to pause. Check your body — your ultimate informational source. Notice any voices in your head that can be quieted; let your cells enjoy the silence; and let your body become your go-to place of no judgment, no expectations, and no resisting. Use the breath to heal your hearts and integrate every beautiful bit of the universal being that you are. Allow yourselves to slow down, taking pause to just connect, ground, breathe, and just be. Let the inhales and exhales guide you through the process of disconnection-reconnection… letting your bodies anchor into the ground. Drop grounding chords into the surface of Mother Earth. Let yourselves be entirely connected, rooted in the present moment. Fill your heart-space with the love, light, and levity of the breath. Enjoy the warmth, the nurturing grounding moment of the breath, and let go of what doesn’t serve you through your exhales.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

As the dawn rises on the 22nd day of the 2nd month of the year 2022 (22/2/2022), 22 percent of the planet’s population will gather to seal, with the sound of the soul, the new course of life on the planet, united into an infinitising meditation.

Lotus legs, surrounded by violet and green hues, quartz, clear amethysts, diamonds, clear fluorites, tourmaline, and aventurine, the world will rejoin the cosmic energy that governs the higher realms and derives from the source.

No one on the podium guiding it, yet in full synch…

108 inhales, to internalise the wisdom of the universe teaching us to dissolve in the present;

108 exhales, to eliminate any diminishing belief.

That day, you will recognise the extent of the world’s evolution — catalysed by a psychodrama that taught you the magic of living as meditators, reclaiming your spiritual love spectrum experience on Earth.




Simeone Scaramozzino

I create transformative experiences by interweaving Art, Spirit Tech, & Ancestral Wisdom