Emotionally Empowered in the Metaverse

Simeone Scaramozzino
3 min readOct 26, 2022

Psychosomatic, synaesthetic shared experiences can make us emotionally, mentally, and financially wholesome and empowered for the greater good of enlightened future humans.

Building the Metaverse — humans’ largest cultural, artistic, and paradigm-shifting project to date — marks a new chapter in our evolutionary journey, providing us with an opportunity to meet our full potential.

The way forward is inwards. Emotions are our superpowers.

The gateway to our full potential is through our sensory input interfaces — our brains & our bodies. We need to feel deeper to unlock elevated versions of ourselves. In the “sentient” AI era, our propensity to dive deep into our “emosphere” is our unique “superpower/gift” and ultimate form of transformative medicine for profound and permanent psycho-emotional well-being. The ongoing pandemic of disconnection, unfolding in the current stage of the Holocene, calls for integrative tools/resources to tune us into the integrated ancestral data flow native to our bodies, regulate our nervous systems, and reconnect us through our emotions.

Visceral artherapeutic experiences as ubiquitous resources to co-create the “Me-We.”

Psychosomatic journeys in which artistic content and perception/affective technologies are orchestrated to create synaesthetic in-real-life & virtual worlds can be used as tools to increase our sensory awareness, induce “state shifts,” and engage areas of our brains that support us in surrendering to paradigmatic heart-centric selflessness & togetherness and in taking actions conducive to personal and transpersonal well-being — hence, to the elevation of human potential.

We can make enhanced experiences/resources/tools easily accessible, in biodigital multimodality, as “immersive destinations for emotional fitness.” By integrating “synaesthetic artherapy” into our daily well-being habits, we can, at will, experience states of visceral presence, relaxation, flow, regulation, happiness, or spiritual transformation. We can invite self-discovery and deep and meaningful connection with the world into our lives as a step towards seeking the greater good. Emotionally vibrant/sound people make better decisions for the human collective…

Fit to use experiential data as equity.

As personalised tools for emotional fitness popularise, emotion data/biofeedback will become a cornerstone in the experiential economy. This opens the potential for individuals and communities to maintain ownership of their data — the “emotional identity” naturally resulting from the synaesthetic experiences — as their “equity” on the blockchains and use it to enjoy personalised content, co-create and sustain decentralised economies, and preserve human artistic and emotional heritage.

Simeone Scaramozzino’s The Luminous Temple Immersive Experiences, Virtual Burning Man 2021 (capture)

We can intentionally engage with metaverse/spatial technologies to explore our inner landscapes, reawaken our “shaman within,” step into our emotional divinity, find our voice, and co-create multi-polar worlds in which we have personal sovereignty and agency, feel safe, and are seen.

Simeone Scaramozzino’s The Luminous Temple Immersive Experiences, Virtual Burning Man 2021
The Luminous Temple Immersive Experiences, Virtual Burning Man 2021. The Hero’s Journey in the Emosphere.

Art and Technology can sublimate to become stimuli at the service of the evolution of a future self reattuned to the rhythm of Mother Nature.

We are the technology we are trying to replicate 🙏



Simeone Scaramozzino

I create transformative experiences by interweaving Art, Spirit Tech, & Ancestral Wisdom