The Heart of the Metaverse

Chapter Leader of Burning Man 2020 & Leader; Writer, Director, a
  • Such an undertaking must have been an inherently even bigger challenge for people who seek immediacy in connection with one another and live and thrive symbiotically with their favourite physical place of gathering;
  • Human minds are antifragile: they require stimulation in the form of a challenge and adversity to thrive. Adversity, indeed, makes us creative. Choosing to exist outside of our comfort zones activates otherwise latent areas of our brain. Adversity ensured and guaranteed survival and sparked and propelled our imaginative engines to consider new frontiers of flourishing in togetherness; hardship drives creativity which drives innovation which leads to collective dematerialisation;
  • In such journeys of healing, wisdom, and mutual transformation, to sustain bold choices it is quintessential to maintain alignment around greater ideals, intentions, and visions;
  • Creating in the metaverse freed up physical resources that extended burners’ heart-space’s vibrations, and in hindsight made them exceed their own expectations;
  • Hearts need to be open wide to acknowledge that matter is nothing but an act and a state of supreme consciousness and that the construct we call “life” is the holographic journey to reducing the perceived distance with supreme consciousness by means of shedding layers of resistance;
  • This is a story where the pandemic crisis was a constructive factor for our experiment, slingshotting us into positive realities, where gravity is defied.



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Simeone Scaramozzino

Simeone Scaramozzino


I curate immersive experiences by interweaving wisdom, art, & TransTech for heightened spiritual awareness and abundant physical, mental, & emotional wellbeing