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The ongoing process of dematerialisation offers the human community an unprecedented opportunity to drift in a regenerative morphic resonance, reconnect with the universal, disidentified version of ourselves in the supreme quantum field, and replace the core identity misinterpretations of our species with the core truth of our identity. With our infinite potential realigned with the ambitious vision of imagining unprecedented beauty into being for all the ecosystems of this planet, we can pulsate as one amplified, hyper-connected and coherent heart-ware, tune into certain multiversal versions of reality where the change we want to be in the world is already “real,”…

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Each month, Transformative Technology Milan brings you curated journeys to explore transtech, educate, and empower those who wish to leverage certain technologies for mental health, emotional wellbeing, and human flourishing. Our intent is to discover the personal, professional, and philosophical views of those who create transformative technology and bring it to fruition for the human community to thrive emotionally and mentally.

When tracing through your life threads to weave them into a mnemonic fabric, you stumble upon specific moments that have unveiled infinite journeys and trajectories into unseen before mental and emotional versions of yourself.

February 2005 marked my definitive…

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Ciao a tutti!

Welcome to the recently launched Transformative Technology Milan Chapter!

We are beyond excited to further the reach of the TransTech community to a region that is so imbued with a sense of beauty, taste for design, attention to quality of life, and that is inclined to prioritise happiness at the center of the human agenda. We consider the genetic makeup of the Italian society — its attention to “good living”, beauty, and social proclivity, synched with fairly-paced lifestyles — organic to our goal of bringing shared transformation to humans. …

a tragic-magical psychodrama

Part I of IV

Citizens of the Earth:

My name is Covid19; I am among the most powerful manifestations of the Collective Superconsciousness. I have presented myself to you on many occasions, in disguise over the centuries, and each time your species’ reptilian responses have created the perfect storm for my return. This time I demand your full attention, so I never have to come back again. This is your opportunity to transcend your limiting beliefs and expand your spiritual capacity: the universe was not created to accommodate your needs. …

Simeone Scaramozzino

I curate immersive experiences by interweaving wisdom, art, & TransTech for heightened spiritual awareness and abundant physical, mental, & emotional wellbeing

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